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Throat Chakra

Speech , Hearing, Self Expression
Sankrit : Vishuddha
Location : Throat / base of Neck
Scent : Lavender
Mantra : Ham
Yoga Pose : Bridge Pose

Solar Plexus Chakra

Power , Purpose, Self-Esteem
Sankrit : Manipura
Location : Midway betwen solar plexus
Scent : Lemon
Mantra : Ram
Yoga Pose : Half lord of the fishes Pose

Root Chakra

Grounded , Secure, Prosperous
Sankrit : Muladhara
Location : Base of spine
Scent : Vetiver
Mantra : Lam
Yoga Pose : Warrior Pose

Sacral Chakra

Creativity , Emotional Stability, Flexibility
Sankrit : Svadhisthana
Location : Lower Abdomen
Scent : Tangerine
Mantra : Vam
Yoga Pose : Wide-angle seated forward bend

Crown Chakra

Detachment from ego, Enlightenment
Sankrit : Sahasrara
Location : Top of head
Scent : Jasmine
Mantra : Silence after Om
Yoga Pose : Lotus Pose

Third Eye Chakra

Where Mind and converge , Decision Making, Intuition
Sankrit : Ajna
Location : Forhead/Between eyebrows
Scent : Vanila
Mantra : Om
Yoga Pose : Easy Pose

Heart Chakra

Seat of the Soul , Empathy, Love
Sankrit : Anahata
Location : Center of Chest
Scent : Eucalyptus
Mantra : Yam
Yoga Pose : Cobra Pose

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Sound healing when effectively blended with breath work, improves the overall well being of a person.


The Nose Gate way to the inner world.

The Nose plays a vital role in the process of breathing, absorbing prana and circulating energy.


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Skanda provides wellbeing programs based on yogic practices and naturopathy Skanda provides wellbeing programs based on yogic practices and naturopathythat are tailormade to the individual’s physique and dietary needs. Our retreats aim to align body, mind and soul using Natural Herbs and Holistic practices. We train individuals from the education & corporate sectors with our tailor made wellbeing programs. Skanda believes in spreading the awareness about the healing power of Nature and Natural ways of distinct healing philosophy and practice, which promotes health by using body’s own life force, and inner protecting mechanism.

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